Expedition School Cancellation & Refund Policy

The Expedition School offers internationally recognized outdoor experiential training, here is our Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Refund Criteria-Public:  The Expedition School accepts written (info@expeditionschool.com) refund requests as late as 7-days before the start of the program. When this can’t be observed, Expedition School credit (ESCredit) is offered for later use in Expedition School programs on a space available basis. ESCredits are not transferable, although exceptions may be made. ESCredits should be used within 12-15 months of issue, if this timing presents a concern please contact us at the email above.

As a customer courtesy, participants providing notice of extenuating circumstances within 72-hours of the program start are offered ESCredit. No-shows may be offered this courtesy for non-capacity limited programs.

Safety-Based Schedule Changes:  These changes are typically caused by Acts of God or Nature beyond The Expedition School’s control. The timeline for notice to be provided, e.g. timing for cancellation, remains based on the originally scheduled date. Exceptions fall within the courtesy guidelines noted previously.

For safety-based situations, The Expedition School strives to provide an experience that covers all areas of relevant content, even if this requires the program to be taught on-line or at a later date. The cancellation policy and notice are based on the initial date and time of the program.

Custom Programs: Custom agreement terms replace these terms, otherwise Custom Programs cancelled 7-days or less before the program date maybe charged 100% of the planned fee. The Expedition School will attempt to reschedule the event to avoid extra charges; however, at times third-party costs may be incurred that can’t be adjusted.

Glossary of Terms:

Cancellation – the participant or authorized representative makes written contact with The Expedition School prior to the start of the program.

No-Show – when no prior written notice of non-attendance is given to The Expedition School.

Custom Programs – programs sponsored or contracted by a group and may or may not include customized content. The sponsor typically selects the time and location, which may include an Expedition School contracted site. All camps and related programs are considered custom programs. Some sponsored programs may allow outside attendees.

Regular (Public) Programs – programs that are offered and available to the general public by The Expedition School.