Inside The Expedition School


The Expedition School’s mission is to provide the best quality outdoor education, safety training, and medical and aquatic support to the community.


The Expedition School was founded in 2006 by Kimery Duda—who was inspired by the magical transformation of her students she witnessed in the field. Students were more engaged, inspired, and walked away with a heightened sense of accomplishment, confidence and empowerment when in the outdoors.

Today, over 92 lives have been saved by alumni of The Expedition School. Over 150,000 athletes have been safely supported by our medical and aquatic team in races and special events; and, over 60,000 individuals have safely participated in programs from teambuilding events; outdoor education; customized expeditions; high ropes and low ropes courses; kayaking, Stand Up Paddling and canoeing programs.

In 2017, we expanded from offering medical support for the Texas Mountain Bike League to also offering Mountain Biking First Aid which is endorsed by the National Interscholastic Cycle Association (NICA). This eight-hour course was created by our medical team at The Expedition School to customize First Aid training in support of the athletes and coaches participating in the middle school and high school mountain bike league.


The Expedition School’s goals stand true through today—to reinvest in community by providing:

  • quality, accessible and affordable outdoor education programs
  • unique, hands-on, fun, engaging and professional safety courses
  • excellent medical and aquatic support for special events

Individuals come away with new or renewed self-confidence, strengthened leadership, new perspectives, practical skills, knowledge, extraordinary memories, and a steward of the environment.


The Expedition School faculty are seasoned professionals who work as MDs, RNs, Paramedics, AEMTs, EMT-Bs, Waterfront Lifeguards—as well as professionally guide and recreate in the outdoors.

Our faculty bring real time scenarios by utilizing medical and aquatic cases from current journals, publications, periodicals, and books. We echo statistics and points from – local, – state, – national and – international reputable sources: the Centers for Disease Control (CDC); World Health Organization (WHO); State Health Services; Fish & Game; Parks and Wildlife Departments; and Parks and Recreation Departments.

Additionally, we are storytellers—passing on real occurrences—on prevention; recognition; and response situations from our Expedition School alumni to inspire our students in the classroom. Quality training and student empowerment build stronger communities.


Outdoor programming must inspire a collective and enriching experience. We work with all ages in all environments to ensure a transformative experience.

Teambuilding programs and custom-tailored expeditions are developed for each group we work with so that we can focus on the core initiatives, strategies and goals.

CPR/AED and professional safety classes should be fun and relevant to the medical incidences particular to the area of travel, exploration, or location of the business.

Our environmental initiatives are an integral part of all programs. The Expedition School imagines a cleaner world through empowering ownership and action in each of our students. Every program is dedicated to leaving the locale we explore cleaner than we found it. Furthermore, we hope that our alumni go on to implement these practices in their homes and communities as conscientious stewards of our planet.


Whether we are Stand Up Paddling, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, hiking, climbing, running a teambuild program, or teaching safety courses, safety is always a top concern at The Expedition School. All participants are taught general safety skills and how to avoid or deal with specific risks. The School has a board of medical practitioners and physicians who review and approve all staff medical certifications, medical kits, and emergency medical protocols in each expedition location. All guides possess current certifications in CPR for the Professional Rescuer/BLS Provider, Automated External Defibrillators, and First Aid Training. All lead guides have at minimum Wilderness First Aid and Waterfront Lifeguarding certifications and access to the most effective form of communication in the area and, complete geographical knowledge of the area to be explored.


The Expedition School is committed to the environment. Since 2006, we have picked up over 5 tons of trash in and around Lady Bird Lake, Austin, TX. Furthermore, we were proud recipients of the 2017 Litter Abatement Award from Keep Austin Beautiful for our dedication to our location on the lake. Wherever we explore, our goal is to have as little environmental footprint as possible and to leave our area cleaner than the conditions we found it in. Leave No Trace principles are taught and practiced in every program. We support locally owned and operated businesses who share this same ethos.


Email or call the School direct: (512) 626-6282. We can email or mail the gift certificate to the recipient. All denominations are accepted for all programs.