The Expedition School Membership Plan

Access to Any CE Course of Choice


  • Great option for students to try out our CE Courses!
  • Classes are no more than 1 hour in length
  • Registration for 1 class pass grants entry to any of our CE Courses
  • Access to same class materials that members receive
  • Single classes will credit towards a future Expedition School Membership

Access to Unlimited CE Courses For 1 Year


  • CE Courses are no more than 1 hour in length
  • Designed to serve as continuing education for recertifying students
  • Students may choose which courses they attend
  • CE Requirements provided for students to track progress
  • Full recertification upon completion of all CE Requirements

Access to Unlimited CE Courses For 2 Years

$199/2 Years

  • Access to CE Courses for full length of certification period
  • 2 year CE plan ensures retention of knowledge and skills
  • Courses scheduled at various days and times throughout the week
  • Student handouts allow review of material post class
  • Full recertification upon completion of all CE Requirements

Get Access to All Current & Future Courses

By joining the Expedition School as a recurring student, students gain access to our full continuing education program. Memberships cost $120 annually or $199 for two years, which is the length of certification period for all courses, with the exception of Basic Water Rescue.

At a minimum, students must complete the required CE hours to recertify. However, Members will have the option to register for an unlimited number of CE courses during their membership term. 2 Year Recertification valid after all CE credits have been obtained

Continuing Education Programs

Students that have taken at least one of the following courses with The Expedition School are elligible for CE Membership:

  • Basic First Aid
  • NICA First Aid
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Basic Water Rescue

Live Lectures via Zoom

Members have the option to take and complete the following required hours in their respective certification via ZOOM lectures. ZOOM lectures are no longer than 60 minutes in length and will always be taught by a live Expedition School faculty. Students may take as many online topics as they wish within their 2 year certification period. ZOOM lectures for all CE courses will be scheduled weekly.

Current CE Offerings



Dental Emergencies

Heat Related Illness

Spine Precautions

Bites and Stings

Commotio Cordis

Emergency Oxygen

Patient Assessment

Splinting Considerations

Breathing Emergencies

Concussions and TBI

First Aid Kits

Search and Rescue

Wound Care

Fine Print

CE Recording and Reporting

Students are 100% responsible for tracking and submitting their hours to The Expedition School by the end of their certification period + 90 day grace period.

Terms of Recertification

In applying for recertification students agree to comply with all recertification requirements, rules, and standards of The Expedition School. The student bears the burden of demonstrating and maintaining compliance at all times. The Expedition School considers students to be solely responsible for their certification.

Lapsed Certification

If your certification lapsed within a two year period, students have a 3 month (90 day) grace period post expiration date to renew their certification for an additional $50 fee.

To renew certification, students must:

  • Be actively using your skills within a patient care setting.
  • Demonstrate continued cognitive and psychomotor competency by
  • Recertification by examination (score 80% or higher on written exam and pass the in person skills check off)
  • Documentation of Continuing Education (required continuing education competency courses and proof of completed in person skills check off).
  • Students must retain verification of attendance of all education submitted.
  • Submit proof of the recertification application within 3 months of your certification expiration date. Students MUST submit application completion to successful completion of the application, students then receive a full renewal of their respective certification and have the option to continue this format for years to come.

Recertification by Examination

This option enables students to demonstrate continued cognitive competency without documenting continuing education. Student must schedule the exam with The Expedition School within 3 months of certification expiration.

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