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Wilderness First Aid Stand Alone

Franklin Mountains State Park

2021-12-11 9:00 to 2021-12-12 18:00
December 11, 2021


The Expedition School


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Time: 9 am – 6 pm CDT

This program is designed to teach individuals how to deal with emergency situations by using first aid skills in a delayed-help environment. The Wilderness and Remote First Aid program is appropriate for audiences from youth-serving organizations as well as adults who participate in outdoor recreational activities or who work in wilderness or remote settings where emergency medical services (EMS) response is more than 1 hour away. The Wilderness and Remote First Aid program emphasizes experiential learning and major portions of the course are meant to be taught in outdoor settings. 

*CPR/AED is a prerequisite to this course.  You must present a current copy of your CPR/AED card before the start of the WFA course.  Otherwise, please register for our WFA + CPR/AED combo course.