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At The Expedition School, we believe in transformative experiences. Connecting with nature can provide meaningful moments of personal joy and connections with our planet, our family and friends, and our broader community.

We recognize that we operate in nature’s playground, and we understand how important it is to respect and treasure our natural resources. We make education, safety, and knowledge a top priority.

We appreciate every day that we get to spend our days doing what we love. This is what drives and motivates us, and we strive for excellence in all we do.

We are so humbled that we get to share our love of outdoors and adventure and use it to empower individuals and build connections. We open our doors broadly, and everyone has a place with us.

Please visit The Expedition School Fund to read our case for support for the world-class accessible dock that we are building in Austin, Texas!

“Thank you for the training. I am very thankful that I was able to know what to do to help those who were more qualified. I can’t express thanks enough.”

“Hope you remember us from Camp! Asher had to jump in and backboard a kid out of the lake yesterday. We had to let y’all know because y’all taught us all we needed to know and we’re all so proud of him. Nothing will ever top the best week we ever had at lifeguard training. Thanks for everything y’all did for us!”

“Again, I cannot stress how enjoyable you made this course for me. Your personality and background knowledge contributed to an amazing experience, both in and out of the water. 5 stars, would highly recommend.”

“The best lifeguard training I have ever had!”

“We could not be more appreciative of you and your team’s time, effort, and overall presentation of The Expedition School. The students and our team thoroughly enjoyed your fresh perspective of the importance of outdoor recreation, as well as the inclusivity you and your team showed us. We are so fortunate to have partners like you, who truly value and enjoy what they do. Additionally, we appreciate your willingness to promote your values by educating and interacting with youth, in order for them to see that the outdoors and all of its benefits are truly for everyone!”

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